The Elo Boost Service That Will Finish Your Woes

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The Game You or the Elo Boost Professional Will Play

League of Legends takes up a lot of time for many people every day. It is one of the games today that is so addicting and is the lead game in the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or MOBA game type. Reportedly, around 50+ million play the game every month, compare that to the 10+ million subscribers World of Warcraft has every month. World of Warcraft’s subscribers are paying to play the game at around $15 per month. League of Legends can be played for free and it has more subscribers. They must have done something right to be able to pull a lot of customers to prefer playing their game than any other game.

League of Legends has casual versions called normal and a ranked version which is very competitive. You need to unlock your summoner level to 30 before the ranked games become available. Ranked refers to games where your game statistics are recorded and can be reviewed by anyone and where in you strive to get to the topmost part of the ranking ladder. You start from Bronze V all the way to Diamond I which totals to 25 tiers divided by 5 ranks namely: Bronze, Silver, gold, Platinum, and Diamond. There is a higher rank than Diamond called Challenger and this is where the people who want to go professional in esports can be seen playing.

Ranking allows you to determine where you are in your server compared to other players who are playing ranked as well. Once you reach Challenger rank, you can say that you are around the elite in that server. This can be easier said than done however, as the ranking system matches you to a team that is around your rank or averages it to match the enemy team’s and thereby fight them. This means that not only do you have to be good in order to get a higher rank, but the random teammates given to you must be good as well if you want to go higher in rank. This is what makes the determining of rank difficult as you are not the only one measured but your team as well. Even if you always play a great game, if your team is too hard to carry, you will lose.

A solution to this is an elo boost. I know one of the Cheapest Boost. An elo boost lets you avoid the ranks where most of the bad players gather which is usually in the bottom of a devision. Now, you don’t have to play these games anymore, we do that for you. Have fun with the game again, not picking up the scraps of players for teammates over and over. You’re always a winner with elo boosting.